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Hypershade Question

You see the blinn4 and blinn6 in the hypershade?  I have some nodes attached to blinn4 that I want to attach to blinn6 - so expanded all the inputs to blinn4, and then pulled blinn6 into my Work Area.  So I can middle-mouse-drag the Ramp2 onto it, and connect it that way, no problem.  But what about the ones attached to the ramp?  I would have to expand the inputs on blinn6 in order to see it, but when I do that, blinn4 disappears.

Followup question: when I duplicated the blinn it did not come with all its attachments, why not?  Is there a way to get it to do so?

Hi Andrew,

If you want to expand the connection of both materials then you can select both your binn 4 and 6 the use the graph network icon.

You will now be able to see both materials in the network. You can hit the A key to fit the network to the Work Area.

But if you want to duplicate a material with all of the connections you can select your blinn 4 and go Edit>Duplicate. In the pop out menu you can choose to duplicate Shading Network which will give you an exact copy of the Network and all the connections but it will not be connected in to the original. 

You can also choose Duplicate With Connections to Network which will copy the material and connect it into the existing network this way if you make a change to the ramp say it will affect both materials.

And the last option is Duplicate without Network which will give you just the material.

You can try all three to see the results and then choose the one that best suits what you are trying to achieve.

Hope this helps.


Posted by Richard Ferrell Mon May 21 | 08:26 am